I began my journey in New York fueling a curiosity with the chaos around me. I trained in the Classics in London and am now based in LA where I play what comes my way in the daily mail.    


Commercial Representation

Boudoir Agency

Vera Kim, Agent (310) 321-7808

1600 Rosecrans Ave.,

Media Center, 4th Fl.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Hollywood Posole                         Lead                                         Forgotten Myth Pictures, 2019

Mortdecai                                      Young Revolutionary                Lionsgate, 2015

Fury                                               Body Double/Stunts                 Columbia Pictures, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean 4:           Stunts                                       Disney Pictures, 2014

On Stranger Tides


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot    Yousef El-Fayoumi                   Soho Theatre, London 2013
The Effect                                      Tristan                                      Reduced Circumstances Showcase, London 2013    

The Taming of the Shrew               Hortensio/Biondello/Grumio    Hamptons Shakespeare Festival, NY 2012

The Big Knife                                 Charlie Castle                          Times Square Showcase, NY 2010
Richard III                                       Earl of Richmond/ Murderer    Word of Mouth Theatre, The Scoop, London 2010
A Winters Tale                                Polixenes/ Gaoler                    Webber Douglas Theatre, London 2010
Life is a Dream                               Segismundo                            Directed Scenes in Training, London 2010

The Duchess of Malfi                      Bosola                                     Scenes in Training, London 2010

The Cherry Orchard                        Lomov                                     Scenes in Training, London 2009


2010 - present

2010 - present                              Principal                                   Vice Media, Llc. Brooklyn, NY 2021

Metro PCS                                      Principal                                   Sixth Sense Media, Llc. London 2013
Roche Pharmaceuticals                 Industrial                                   Ed Hayward Productions, 2009



Rambo                                           State Trooper                           Reef Productions, 2013

ADR Voice Over

"LOVE, ROSIE"                            Canyon Creek Films, 2014       Goldcrest Studios, London

"EDGE OF TOMORROW"            Warner Brothers, 2013             Goldcrest Studios, London

"ANOMOLY"                                  Independent, 2013                   Goldcrest Studios, London

"THIRD PERSON"                        Highway 61 Films, 2013           Goldcrest Studios, London

"KICK ASS 2"                               Universal Pictures, 2013           Goldcrest Studios, London



Royal Central School of Speech and Drama London, MA Classical Acting

Los Angeles

On-Camera Film: Krater Studios, Summer 2019 - Winter 2020

Commercial: Laurie Records Casting 2019/2020

Impov: Impro Theatre, Narrative Improv, Los Angeles, Spring 2021


New York

Stella Alder Conservatory, 2005-2006

Actors Centre, 2007-2008

Terry Schreiber Studios, 2005


Acting: Ben Naylor (CSSD), Martin Wylde (CSSD), Benard Cummings (Stella Adler)

Voice: Martin McKellen, Patsy Rodenburg, Robert Perillo

Clown: Chris Bayes

Balinese Mask: Per Brahe

Period & Contemporary Dance: Paul Harris (UK Alliance for Dance & Exercise)

Stage Combat: Rachel Bown-Williams


Voice: Bari-tenor singer

Dance: Swing, Salsa, Jive, Waltz, Club

Weapons: Rapier & Dagger, Broad Sword, Hand-to-hand stage combat

Languages: Spanish

Sports: Horse Riding, Sailing, Golfing